Japan: Solar Energy


Project Finance Road show with major Japanese financial institutions to raise funding for solar generation facilities in Japan.  

Our Mandates

Mortgage Investment Trust

Open-end Fund


July 2016


Investment in liquid residential mortgages and construction loans across Canada

Trust Units

Mortgage Investment Trust

Open-end fund


September 2015


Diversified portfolio of residential mortgages in British Colombia, Ontario and Alberta

Trust units

Real Estate Operating Trust

Open-end fund


May 2016


Mortgage loans and direct investments in commercial Real Estate

Trust units

About us

Our Mission

Provide accredited investors with value-added alternative investment opportunities.


Our Values

Our values define who we are. They represent the fundamental beliefs of our organization, guide our actions and dictate our behaviour. They influence the way we work and the services we offer to our clients.



This value is our organization’s cornerstone. It is what makes us act in accordance with who we genuinely are.

   - We act with honesty, openness and equity toward ourselves, our clients, investors and partners.

   - We respect the highest ethical standards

   - We fulfill our commitment of delivery

   - We deliver recommendations built on a sound basis

   - We promote transparency by providing our clients with all the elements that lead to our recommendation



Quintal & Co. has elected to act according to the highest standards in the market for its products and services.

   - We constantly seek improvement and we encourage innovation;

   - We are proud of our expertise, our products and our vision

   - We act with discipline and depth in our mandates.



Entrepreneurship is a passion for us!

   - We are among the few exempt market dealers to offer personalize support and tailor-made personal financing solutions to start-ups;

   - We make a difference through our commitment to help entrepreneurs to succeed;

   - Our own entrepreneurship allow us to elaborate innovative solutions and to be agile when closing deals.

   - We dare to seize opportunities while remaining committed to creating value for our clients.