Japan: Solar Energy


Project Finance Road show with major Japanese financial institutions to raise funding for solar generation facilities in Japan.  

Our Mandates

Mortgage Investment Trust

Open-end Fund


July 2016


Investment in liquid residential mortgages and construction loans across Canada

Trust Units

Mortgage Investment Trust

Open-end fund


September 2015


Diversified portfolio of residential mortgages in British Colombia, Ontario and Alberta

Trust units

Real Estate Operating Trust

Open-end fund


May 2016


Mortgage loans and direct investments in commercial Real Estate

Trust units

Exempt Market Dealer

Our Status: Exempt Market Dealer

Quintal & Co. Inc. is an Exempt Market Dealer licenced under the jurisdictions of the Securities Commissions of Quebec and Ontario.

This category of registration for dealers was enacted on the date the National Instrument 31-103 came into effect on September 28th 2009. This category is restricted to dealing in prospectus exempt securities and with persons to whom prospectus exempt distributions can be made. An exempt market dealer may therefore trade a security that is distributed in reliance upon a prospectus exemption whether a prospectus was filed in respect of the distribution or not, and it may also trade a security that, if the trade were a distribution, would be exempt from the prospectus requirement. In Ontario, and in Newfoundland and Labrador, the exempt market dealer category replaces the former limited market dealer category.