Japan: Solar Energy


Project Finance Road show with major Japanese financial institutions to raise funding for solar generation facilities in Japan.  

Our Mandates

Mortgage Investment Trust

Open-end Fund


July 2016


Investment in liquid residential mortgages and construction loans across Canada

Trust Units

Mortgage Investment Trust

Open-end fund


September 2015


Diversified portfolio of residential mortgages in British Colombia, Ontario and Alberta

Trust units

Real Estate Operating Trust

Open-end fund


May 2016


Mortgage loans and direct investments in commercial Real Estate

Trust units

Our Market, our Clients

Funding products

Our clients

Our clients are well-established entrepreneurs seeking financing solutions that require a unique and multi-faceted expertise, from financial structures to financial partners, we have the expertise to help.


Our market

Besides conventional corporate or real estate financing, we offer our clients expertise in the following:

   - Project and Infrastructure Financing

   - Structured Financing

   - Mortgage Portfolio Transactions

   - Equity Portfolio Financing


Our approach

Our approach is based on taking time to listen, excellence and professionalism.

Understanding your needs and objectives is essential in finding the most counterparty and transaction structure that best suits your needs.

We select investors to your project based on alignment of interest – understanding the parties’ expectations and goals is key to success and deal-closing.

Our investor network and referral agreements with both Canadian and international financial institutions allow us to have a deep understanding of the financial products and services available in the market.

Depending on the type of transaction, we are either paid by the client or the referred financial institution. In accordance with applicable laws, wenalways communicate our compensation with the parties engaged in the transaction.

Our professionalism –based on ethics, integrity and respect- is our guide in all our business relationships and transactions.


Investment products

Our clients

We target institutional investors who meet the definition of “accredited” investors, as described by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF):

   - Pension Funds (either self-managed, managed by the employer or by external advisors)

   - Banks, Trust companies, and Credit Unions

   - Insurance companies authorized to operate in Canada

   - Hedge Funds and other investment companies

In addition to institutional investors, we target high net worth individuals, family offices and independent entrepreneurs.

We do not target the retail public.


Our market

We offer private investment products in energy, real estate and infrastructure. These products are either structured in-house for our entrepreneurs-clients or created by third parties and offered through our distribution agreements.

We do not trade liquid assets such as government bonds and stocks.


Our approach

In our role of distribution agent, we only sell products that aligned with our expertise and that have a strong and compelling story behind them. In addition to our knowledge of the sectors of,choice (renewable energy, real estate and infrastructure), our expertise in structured finance, risk management, portfolio management and governance allow us to perform a detailed due diligence of any products considered for distribution agreements.

Our professionalism – based on ethics, integrity and respect – is our guide for the selection of the products we distribute.